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Cavite Home Buyers Guide

YCH 3 step buying cycle


Home Buying Process – Our Easy 3 Step Approach To a Dream House and Lot in Cavite!

Step One

a) Call Me, I’m Ready To Help

When you’ve finally decided to take that big step towards your new home, contact me and we’ll discuss your needs and your unique situation. I’ll be delighted to give you more information regarding the property you’re looking for, and will act as your expert guide to help you through the buying process. I pride myself on offering you super friendly service you can trust. You’ll get real ‘peace of mind’ when we partner during the buying process – I can’t wait to hear from you!

b) Schedule A Site Viewing

We’ll set an appointment on a convenient day for site viewing. The site viewing will give you an opportunity to evaluate the property and location you’re interested in. Profriends has two units to see during the site viewing, both of which correspond to the model you’re looking to buy. First, we recommend viewing the turn-over unit, finished with interior materials in the same fashion as the home you will purchase. Lastly, we recommend viewing our dressed up unit, where we’ve pulled out “all the stops” to show you a wonderful example of how your home could look once you’ve added the personal touches that every home deserves.

c) Choose Your Dream Home!

It’s time to choose! Which one did you fall in love with? During this process we’ll check the actual location and availability of the unit you have chosen. Some may be ready for occupancy, or it may be that the home will soon begin construction. We always do our best to work with move-in expectations, schedule and needs.

Step Two

a) Let’s Discuss Financing In More Detail

This is your reality check! How much is the unit reservation fee? The down payment? How long is the mortgage and what is the rate? There are several options which most developers use to make financing easier: First, the cash option, where your finances are strong enough to allow you to pay cash for the home; Second, bank financing, where you’ll pay a specified amount of the down payment and the rest is folded into your loan from the bank. A third option is in-house financing, where the developer extends the loan directly to you.

b) Let’s Reserve Your Unit!

When the details have been finalized on your home financing, and you’ve chosen a location, its time to make a reservation for the actual unit. Reservation fees vary according to the unit you’ve decided upon. This fee can be paid with either cash or check. CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a house that you can call your very own!

Step Three

a) Sign The Necessary Documents

Next you’ll want to sign all the documents needed for the processing of your unit. I’ll assist you in keeping everything in order and making sure the details are handled correctly.

b) Home Owner Counseling With Our Expert Staff

In this process we’ll make absolutely sure you are aware of all your rights and obligations as a new homeowner, and we’ll answer any lingering questions you might have. We’ll lay out the construction timeline, HOA, monthly dues, interest rate, any miscellaneous fees, enhancement of unit, electrical, water, turn-over, move-in and more. Yes, there is a lot to consider, but you’ve got me (and Profriends) on your side!

c) Submit Your Required Documents As Soon As Possible

You are required to submit your personal documents, such as valid ID, employment certificate, passport, etc. See our financing requirements page for complete and full details.

d) Make A Down Payment

Bank and in-house financing require a specific down payment. Percentage and length of installment payment varies depending on your chosen unit, of course.

e) Let’s Get Your Loan Approved!

The bank will assess your documents, and once approved, the loan will be taken out from the bank. Should Profriends need more documents prior to the loan take out, I’ll notify you and work with you through that process.

Before You Move In…

Inspect Your Unit

Once the loan is taken out we’ll notify you that your unit is ready for inspection! Naturally, we look forward to your acceptance of the unit upon first inspection, but rest easy knowing that you can take up to three inspections (if you need them) to address any issues prior to your move-in. We want everything to be just as perfect as you do!

It’s Time To Move Into Your Dream Home!

After accepting the unit, you can now move in to your new house – welcome to your home! Before it was just a dream – but now it is your dream come true!

Financing Requirements